My original mats bank and my second guild bank, this is the goldmine. I keep all my mats in here for whenever I might need to craft with them. This bank has gotten at least five people their choppers.

On top of my underwhelming herb collection, is my gems collection (green quality Wrath gems are currently on my JC, hence the empty column), two tabs of enchanting mats, and tons of metals, mining mats, and elements, along with some rarer quality crafting mats.

Come 6.0, this is probably going to be split up among alts reagent banks (with 200-sized stacks helping immensely) with the rest liquidated or given away.

<The Werehouse - Sen’jin>

My most recent bank, a 3-tabber that I bought for only 600g and later expanded, it was filled with current MoP stuff and my consumables, it’s since thinned down a bit. Its last tab has some silks and turnins stowed away as well. This one’s gonna be empty come time for 6.0

<Crimson Dawn - Sen’jin>

Guild bank stuff! Slowly cleaning out, reorganizing, and preparing to sell everything in preparation for my move and I’m posting up most of what I have stowed away so I can show people. Ideally, I only move 2-3 of my 5 banks once 6.0 hits.

This one has my engineering mats overflow, tons of excess holiday items, wrapping paper, focusing lenses, AQ idols and scarabs, weapon enchants, and lots of old cooking mats. Also 3 monocles and old, unobtainable ZG coins.

<For The Hoard - Sen’jin>


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When I was like 14 I was very super serious about my art. I’d professionally describe it like I was trying to sell it, down to every image description involving my thought process behind the picture and the mediums used to create it.

"I was watching this particular scene in [anime], and I felt inspired to create a monster based off this background design! I used [animals] and [mythology] for my inspiration, as you can see in the details of [part of outfit]. This style is a little different from my usual, as I wanted to capture the essence of the mythos with a slight nod to the original art of that culture! I sketched this with a .5 mechanical pencil, lined it with a Micron pen, and colored it with Prismacolor Verithins! Please tell me what you think!"

[anime drawing on lined paper]

These days I’m just like

"minute-long fart noise"

Every so often I see an artist that is, comparatively, not very skilled. But they take themselves so seriously! They have a website, they have an online portfolio, and they give those same detailed process descriptions. They praise their own art.

And I really envy them. I wonder where that pride and confidence went in myself. I haven’t lost the eagerness to share what I make, but my confidence in its value and peoples’ interest in it has plummeted since my teens and I wonder what went wrong, or if nothing did and that’s just natural progression.

I think it’s that issue of “your brain is five years ahead of your hand”. Back then, it wasn’t— what I was making, I genuinely thought was great. Now what I make, I see what can be better.

This isn’t supposed to be a mopey post or anything, I just saw an artist doing this and kind of smiled and remembered being like that. I’d like to be there again.

I know that feel. Not sure it’s entirely a natural progression though. Some go through it as a midpoint, a slump of sorts where your ability to critique moves faster than your ability to create. Some it’s cyclic, it repeats itself. Some I see able to retain that sort of pride in their work somehow.

But it really does feel like that “five years ahead”. I think at some point everyone has to go through it, at least, once. I’m not sure where it goes.

I remember making so much stuff, little stories that amused me, crappy sprite comics, Ed Wood-level stopmotion movies with legos and 3D animation weaved in. Things used to be fun.

Now, I have an actual portfolio, and I shudder to show it despite some of what’s in there being things I was paid for.

I envy those people. I get so little done because I doubt everything, as if all of my ideas are invalid not just despite myself liking them, but because I like them.

I think it means different things for different people, though. Some do their best work under it, it keeps them motivated. Others do their best work by somehow moving past it.

I just wonder what there is to do for the ones who feel slowed down by it, held back. How people get back to that point.


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Neil Gaiman’s 8 Rules of Writing, a remake of this post. Source.

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Words I need to stop forgetting, once again from Neil Gaiman.

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Zelda’s DLC for Hyrule Warriors

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A Compilation of Link’s Cute, Confused, and Shocked Faces in Hyrule Warriors Part [2/?]

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A Compilation of Link’s Cute, Confused, and Shocked Faces in Hyrule Warriors Part [1/?]

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